Something for the ladies…

Nasland whiteSo I’m sitting in my apartment between a weekly planning meeting with my husband, and showering and washing my hair (it usually takes a good hour to discipline these curls, sigh!) And I’m excited. About women.

Over the last couple of years, there has been a growing stirring in my heart whenever I think about women of all ages, dress-sizes, and hair-colours, and as a Christian, I believe it’s the same eagerness Jesus feels when he looks on the ladies of the world.

Though libraries and theologies have been written about the design, and specific place, of women on the earth, it seems to me that in many ways we women are still confused about two very fundamental and yet all important questions: Who am I, and What am I created to be? Which is small wonder, really, given the very complex and multifaceted nature of Woman. (I can see the slightly bewildered face of my husband in my mind, who has had to navigate the world of oestrogen since we started our relationship almost 4 years ago, as I write this).

As for me, I am no expert on the Who and What of Woman, though I’m working on it – but I have seen many things inside women in particular that cause a fire of excitement to kindle in my belly, and which I would love to share and discuss with many other ladies from round the world.

Perhaps you, too, have stories to tell about the women who have changed the world around them that inspire you. Or simply your own ‘sticky notes’ about why women are so valuable in society. Let’s share them, talk about them, and celebrate them! And stay posted for more thoughts on why it’s great to be a woman, and why women are so important in society. Over and out till next week!


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