The Sweet Embrace :)

Romonz_finalGuest post by: Romona McCrindle

My son Caleb (almost 2) loves the Charlie & Lola series by Lauren Child. One afternoon, whilst being a productive Domestic Goddess, I couldn’t help overhearing the episode that was on. In the story, little Lola needed new shoes, so she reluctantly went shopping for new ones. Her new shoes were boring, brown, practical: inferior to her old, special and wonderful shiny red ones. The story concluded with Lola discovering that her new shoes sounded like a pony – a hit on the playground – resulting in the sweet embrace of her NEW shoes!

Let me tell you something amazing. Erm, here goes. I relearned a brilliant lesson from Lola’s experience. And yes, this is a metaphor. Really, which woman in her right mind would frown at the opportunity to go shoe shopping?! I began thinking…didn’t I feel that way about my new season as a full time mama?  And since then I’ve come a long way in deciding to confront the big bully called Insecurity and embracing my season. Let me explain.

Having Caleb has brought immeasurable joy and light to my life, and I wouldn’t change it for anything – actually having him is Romonz_girlsthe most significant thing I’ve done. Ever. But like most women, I’ve struggled with “Season Comparison” (SC).  What is SC?  Let me spill. A woman’s life is comprised of seasons or life stages. SC is an enemy to a woman’s emotional health and productivity and it bears sour fruit when she compares her season to another’s. For me, it bore particularly sour fruit when I compared my current season to its predecessor. I saw my twenties crowned with singleness, newly married-ness, hot body-ness, intellectual strength and fun – like old shiny red shoes. My new shoes looked sleep deprived, unsexy, lacking in brain and far from shiny. Destructive thinking , right?

Months later, I read A Mother: what her heart knows, an article by Bobbie Houston. Read this! I realised that there’s more to this season than raising a child the best way. There’s something in it for me. I shouldn’t miss out. I must offer this season a darn sweet embrace!

Three ‘cuddles’ complete the full-on sweet embrace. Embrace your place: for me…domestic headquarters. I found the fun and rich achievement in running a household. Yours…the classroom or workplace? Secondly, Embrace your people: for me… a toddler, my husband, other mums, devoted girlfriends. Yours… colleagues, friends, loved ones? Identify and embrace them into your world. And lastly, Embrace your purpose. In this season, God has very precious and special treasures and rich life experience waiting for us to collect. And, you can be the best version of you right now in the season you are in. No comparison! No missing out!

What season are you in? Have you done the sweet embrace?


8 thoughts on “The Sweet Embrace :)

  1. Thank you for sharing and reminding me of this! Ah you have no idea how I wishwe lived closer to each other!!!

  2. Hi, so proud of you Romona……well done and good advice….lifting someone up an encouraging them>>>>awesome

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