Insecure? Join the club!

InsecurityTwo weeks ago I was at a women’s event coordinated by Taryn Lowe, where we had a chance to don our heels (or not) and talk about Insecurity. Some of us arrived in LBD‘s, others in work clothes – with the effect that, as Taryn pointed out, half of us felt insecure about being overdressed and the other half about being underdressed. We knew we were at the right event. I loved Taryn’s point that “insecurity removes us from our authentic selves – you need to be free to be you, because you are the best version of you!” Wow. If only we believed that, right?

I have walked my own road with insecurity – it’s a nasty voice to have in your head. I shared a bit of my story that night, and a few people wanted to know a little more, which is why I’m sharing 5 big truths that have helped me with a few more details:

1. God is your father: For me, overcoming insecurity has a lot to do with knowing God: that he isn’t a schoolteacher who checks everything you do and gives your life a pass or fail. He is a strong, kind, safe dad who really likes you and has good plans for you.

2. He sees you: Most of us get our value from others – maybe a guy or a parent. But sometimes we feel invisible, even to those most important to us. The good thing is, God sees you – he knows your desires and what you’ve gone through, and he’s the one who get’s to define your worth.

3. He loves you: Not only does he see you, but God really loves you. So much so that he died for you to know him. Jesus answers the questions “Am I loved?” and “Am I important?”. Nothing that people say and see defines our worth – if Jesus thinks I was worth dying for, I have to be pretty special, so I can stop trying to prove that to others… I mean, what a relief!

4. He is good: It seems really hard to believe deep down that God is for us. My friend Robyn keeps reminding me that God’s goodness is a deep source of hope. I’m learning that my dad in heaven actually wants good things to happen to me and in the world – even in difficult times – and that it’s not all up to me to make them happen.

5. You can trust him: If there’s one thing God keeps trying to tell humankind, it’s “I’ve got this”. Last year I was pushed beyond my limits by challenging new responsibilities at my church, my work and in my marriage – honestly I felt overwhelmed by the uncertainty. But focusing on God’s character is helping me trust him, not flip out, and have more fun!

What have you learned about overcoming insecurity in your life and on the path of your dreams? We have so much to learn from each other about how to kick insecurity in the butt!


3 thoughts on “Insecure? Join the club!

  1. “Nothing that people say and see defines our worth – if Jesus thinks I was worth dying for, I have to be pretty special, so I can stop trying to prove that to others…” – This is such a simple truth, and yet it’s weird how we forget it so easily. I find that I always start to drift away from it and begin to place my security in my achievements or popularity or other such things. I think I need to tape this statement to my bathroom mirror or something :p

    • Lol yes your bathroom mirror is an excellent place 😉 Thanks Chris! Love hearing your comments – I hear you’ll be posting as a guest on Sisterhood Sticky Notes some time soon! Look forward to that.

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