Relax Wonderwoman!

Wonderwoman IGSo my favourite part of the month is when my Marie Claire magazine arrives in the post – a fantastic birthday preset from my man – he knows me well. But all I have to do is read a couple of articles (and be honest about my own life) to see that today, women feel like they have to be a million different things for a million different people. There are different expectations on us at work, at church, and at home, and we often feel very responsible for the people round us. This is partly because we know that relationships are important – but if we’re not careful we can soon feel like fragmented, overtired people.

For me, I often feel torn between what makes my husband happy, my parents happy, church-people happy, and my bosses happy. For moms, add to that kids – the list can go on, and even include pressure from imaginary critics!

MagneetsWonderwomanWe feel the need to be beautiful beach babes for the world to admire in summer, domestic goddesses brandishing hoovers and cupcakes, successful businesswomen saving the world or making money, or discipleship ninjas who are always patient and in control. (Phew – I really should know something’s wrong if I get tired just reading that list.)

Let me qualify: most of the items on our lists are good (although honestly, some should just be scratched). The problem comes in when we start basing our value on them. How well I’m doing as a wife/career-woman/church leader is never going to be an indicator of my worth. The only indicator we should build on is God – and if we’ve invited Jesus into our lives, then all God sees is His son’s perfection. How unfair is that, right? Well, lucky for us grace is unfair.

NatWonderwomanGrace means we can stop driving our lives from a merciless to-do list that seemingly defines us, but choose the important and right things from it. We are no longer driven, but empowered. And ironically, I usually do a better job of my Wonderwoman List when I remember that if I fail, I’m still loved perfectly by the only person who really matters.

What things do you need to scrap from (or add to) your to-do list? And how do you keep your priorities in balance?

PS: be sure to tune in next week for a Sticky Note post from Robyn Beauchamp – don’t miss out! ❤


4 thoughts on “Relax Wonderwoman!

  1. I agree, Wonderwoman (and Superman) totally need to relax! Too much busyness is getting their capes in a cluster 🙂 I think the curse of our modern age is that we’re all trying to do, do, do so much in such a short amount of time – and this is especially the case for women.

    What I need to scrap from my to-do list …. emails, definitely!

  2. Excellent and just what I needed to hear for now. How very present those imaginary critics seems sometimes… Such a smoke puff in the presence of a very real God! I need to remember that! And yes, lucky for us Grace is unfair. Thank you sister! X

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