3F’s: Friends, Faith and Fruit

3Fs DshipWhat do you think are the most important lessons to teach our daughters, sisters, and other important women in our lives? My friend Vierle from Belgium sent me an awesome link to Every Nation leader Steve Murrell’s 6 W’s of discipling Men – the 6 most important values to invest in guys on their journey of getting to know Jesus. Vierle’s challenge was to post a sticky Note on the 6 W’s of discipling women! Well I don’t have 6 W’s but I did come up with 3 F’s. (Personally I struggle to remember more than 3 points, and W’s just weren’t working for women, but F proved full of potential!). So presenting the 3 F’s of discipling women:

#1. Friendship: God is ALL about relationship – and this is the most important thing for us ladies to know about him. Without a strong friendship with Jesus, the things we do can become tiring and even meaningless! God wants us to experience his love daily and then express it to others (1 Cor 13). To do so we need to stay connected to the the person of Love – Jesus – by praying and reading his Word regularly. That will keep our friendship with him burning, and then help us build strong friendships with people that are full of life, love and truth. Every woman needs a friendship with God and with sisters who can encourage her, help her stay humble, and keep her laughing! This also means that we need to keep our eyes open for women who are isolated or outside the church who we can draw into our friendship circles.

3Fs 2#2. Fierce faith: The next thing we ladies need to clutch onto like expensive rocks is faith. And not just faith but fierce faith. God has called each of us on an important mission – whether changing your workplace, school or home for Jesus. That’s why God wants his people to rise up like lions and lionesses (Num 23:24) – full of strength and victorious vision. We have battles to fight and win for God’s kingdom, both individually and with others – and that’s why we REALLY need our shield of faith (Eph 5:16) to make sure we don’t end up a spiritual casualty, but advance and stand firm for truth. Remember that our faith is based on God’s character – his love, faithfulness and strength – NOT on circumstances. So don’t let what you see or feel in your surroundings inject doubt and steal your confidence in God! It is a infinitely valuable treasure.

#3. Fruitfulness: Jesus is all about fruit, and he’s appointed us to bear fruit that will last (John 15:16). Jesus wants us to grow and harvest fruit, which doesn’t mean he’s a vegan but he wants us to tell others about him and invite them to start a journey with God! It also means that he wants us to ‘birth’ heavenly values like joy, faith and peace wherever we live, especially through prayer. And I believe women have a special calling in this! Look at Esther in the bible – after a LOT of prayer with other women, she summons all her courage to speak to her husband (the then international ruler) and prevents a large-scale genocide planned agianst her people. With God at her side she birthed peace through prayer and wisdom, where others had planned destruction.

What tips do you have for teaching women more about their walk with God? All letters of the alphabet are welcome!


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