Kicking Rejection’s nasty Butt

Dee1_IGGuest post by Denise Padayachee

Leading as a woman in a man’s world is not for the faint hearted: it requires great resolve, courage and fortitude. Of all the fights that I fight in this world, one that I must win at all costs is the fight for my heart and the health of my soul. I am an ordained minister, a missionary, single at 34, female and Indian. Quite a lot of fights are involved in each of those defining descriptions.

Added to all of this, I have a heart for justice. This has been my compass and my trustworthy adrenalin provider to get up and fight again. But it has also been a bitter sweet gift as it becomes the metal detector seeking out (even against my will) those uneven scales and rigged balances. And after detecting them, I am left to wrestle them in the dark. Should I fight this one? Or, why is no-one else fighting?

I have learned some things along the way, allow me to share some of these life lessons. Taking care of your soul is crucial. So channel your fight first into guarding or protecting your heart (Prov 4:23), dealing with offense and disappointment (Prov 13:12), and to keep renewing your mind (Rom 12:2). Also, hold onto your dreams. Will you hold onto your dreams no matter how big and incredulous they seem right now, even if no-one else really believes in them?

Dee2Secondly, deal with the rejection you feel, because it is a major soul infector. Many say that rejection is the universal malady, but it comes with a great reward if we can overcome it (Matt 5:10-12). In processing rejection, it’s important to understand that though God uses it as a tool, rejection is not God’s heart toward us. He does not reject us. The acceptance of the Father is our healing balm. Bob Sorge says that “when people reject you, but you are fuelled inside by the profound affections of [God] your Father for you, then you are able to give yourself to your fellow man in love regardless of how he treats you.”

I saw a picture in my spirit recently of great, tall lightning rods. It came with the sense that these lightning rods were people fashioned by God for the purpose of attracting Heaven’s lightnings and drawing it to impact the earth – in a positive way. But I also felt that these lightning rods were made dysfunctional by rejection. Rejection experienced from others as well as self-rejection.

As I shared this word at a service one day I felt strongly that there were women in the room whose bodies were rejecting food, who could not look into the mirror, and some who were experiencing the breakdown of key relationships as an effect of rejection. I was struck by God’s desire to heal, free and re-align women so that they could stand strong and straight, attracting heaven, as lightning rods once more. Rejection doesn’t need to define us. God the father wants to draw us into healing to bring heaven’s lightning on earth. Now isn’t that something worth getting healed for?


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