When did you feel loved today?

Anita Unnused1_IGWorthwhile thought for the day: What questions do you ask? And more importantly, are you asking the people you love the right questions? Blogger and author Glennon Melton has some hilarious insights (you can read her article here) into how crazy life can get – and the kinds of questions that can save your friendships or marriage. Questions like, when did you feel lonely today? Or, When did you feel special? When did you feel loved? Or, when did I make you feel unnoticed.

Chris and I tried it – it sure is a bit weird, but we’ve found ourselves laughing and aaahing at some unexpected answers to these questions. We even tried it on some friends… it sure makes an interesting alternative to questions like “How’s work” or “So, still jogging?”.

So, everyone, when did you feel loved today? … I felt loved when I came home to flowers ❤


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