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profileMy name is Anita Goldswain, and I am a South African farm girl and journalist who’s living in Berlin, Germany… and doing my best to keep up with city life! I am married to Chris, also a South African, and although we don’t have kids or pets (yet), I am very lucky to have some amazing ‘sisters’ in Berlin and all over the world who make me laugh and keep me sane on rainy days.

I am very passionate about the often under-utilized potential inside women – their capacity to relate and have compassion, to build sustainable communities, and for courage. Many of my often unsung heroes are women full of love, self-sacrifice and mother-bear fierceness – from my own mother, sister and girlfriends, to women like Christine Caine and Lisa Bevere who work to end human trafficking. I believe that many of the world’s problems can be reduced if we include more women’s voices in all sectors of society, and learn to appreciate the feminine more.IG_me_and_Chris1

Chris and I are both very involved at a church in Berlin called Every Nation Berlin – in fact he’s a pastor and blogger – and we love talking to young people about their dreams, and how God has awesome plans for their lives. So if you’re in our city, drop us a line! We’d love to meet you.


13 thoughts on “About the Author

    • Lol, hi James! Thanks for doing the honourable thing and letting me know 😉 Great post, just read it! Really enjoying your blog – people interested in leadership should definitely check it out. For future reference you are welcome to contact me on Facebook – Anita Goldswain. Greetings to your part of the world! Neets

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I’m glad you liked my ‘about’ page! I really agree with your feelings about women and their unrealized potential to help change the world for the better. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts here. Thanks for sharing.

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